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Groundbreaking!!! by carolynhope
Thursday, March 6, 2008, 4:01 pm
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csv_model3.jpg  What do the Castro Valley Library and Paul Revere have in common?  APRIL 18th.

The poem goes “on the eighteenth of April, in seventy-five, Hardly a man is still alive who remembers that famous day and year”. 

That date is about to be famous for another reason here in Castro Valley.  We are finally breaking ground on our new library on Friday April 18th 2008!!

You are invited to join the  Alameda County Board of   Supervisors, and the Alameda County Library at the Ground Breaking for the New Castro Valley Library. 

Please join us at 3:30 pm, 3600 Norbridge Ave. Castro Valley for this long awaited community triumph.


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Why did it take so long? I kept driving by and nothing for yrs. Finally. How long is it going to take to finally be open to the public?

Comment by ann

We are all sorry that this has taken so long! The project is funded with local money, redevelopment funds and with a grant from the State Library. All the agencies supplying funds have a variety of regulations and requirements that must be met before we can go on to the next stage in the process. We are moving forward at the same pace as the other grant funded libraries.
We are looking to open the new library in the Fall of 2009.

Comment by Carolyn

I have lived in Castro Valley for over 25 years and have been a loyal patron of the library. It has taken a long time to get a new library, so I send my heartfelt thanks to all of you who accomplished this feat. Job well done!

Comment by Don

I remember when the “old Library”, was first opened. What a improvement over the previous one, on Castro Valley Blvd. Am now looking forward, to the new libarary, and sure that I will feel the same way that I did 47 years ago!!

Comment by Helene

Congratulations! I drive by on my Friday chore route and have been thrilled to see the creek daylighted. Your dedication and persistence will soon be rewarded.

Comment by Monica Ten Eyck

Love the “Read” photos featuring the fabulous staff of the numerous libraries! Bravo for putting a real face of the Alameda County Library!

Comment by Debbie Wiley

wow! i can’t wait till it opens.i’m so excited..

Comment by Elena

Congratulations & warm good wishes to all
all who are making the new Castro
Valley Library a reality! Before I
retired,I used to work at the present
building. This fine group of
interested, faithful library users
certainly deserves updated, enlarged
facilities, as does the staff.
Blessingss on your work!

Comment by Nancy Freedom

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