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SJSU Intern Diana Yeb bids us goodbye by deniseqbaker
Wednesday, April 9, 2008, 5:35 pm
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We have been fortunate to have had a wonderful intern here at the Library since January. Diana is now finished with her semester and wanted to share her thoughts on her final day.

Looking back on the last day of my internship at Castro Valley, I’m surprised how much I got to do. Not only did I learn a lot about how to be a children’s librarian, my experience was so much more than that.


Helping out during spring break crafts week, I learned how to make a wicked cool paper airplane as well as different lanyard designs. I refreshed my math skills (especially stuff like fractions and decimals!) when I helped out at the homework center. I was exposed to a lot of great picture books and learned the latest thing all the kids were reading (apparently this Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer is a pretty big deal). And best of all, I met a bunch of really cool kids, some of whom were nice enough to say they’d miss me when I leave. I’m pretty sure they weren’t lying (pretty sure…).


I’m sad it’s my last day; it’s been hard work and a lot of fun, and most of all, very rewarding. I’ve said that I want to come back when construction is finished on the new library, so I guess I’ll stop by and visit next year. Until then, goodbye!

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