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Danger….EXTREME DANGER, Will Robinson. by nsilva1
Thursday, May 15, 2008, 4:12 pm
Filed under: Children, Programs

This month’s LEGO club theme was “robots” and judging by the weaponry on this month’s winner, you could say he blew away the competition.  Here we have Nicholas with his robot creation “The Devastator.”  As you can tell this robot is packing serious heat.  According to Nicholas, among “The Devastator’s” many enemy robot obliterating weapons are a gatling gun, a laser gun, 2 laser cannons, a heavy duty cannon, a hunter killer missle, and for good measure, a power saw that can cut through robot steel like it was aluminum.  Add to this “The Devastator’s” 10 inch titanium armor and “jump jets” and this is one robot you shouldn’t mess with.

Thanks to everyone who participated.  Join us on June 28th for our next LEGO club where our theme will be “Around Town.”  What does your town have…a fire station, a post office, a movie theater?  Build any building that you would see “around town” and share it with others on June 28th


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