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“Whichbook” to read next? by crselig2014
Wednesday, August 16, 2017, 1:48 pm
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At the Alameda County Library we’re happy to help you find a great book. Don’t hesitate to ask your librarian for help.

But if you like to do your own research, there are many tools that can help.

One of them is Whichbook. Whichbook was created by a British organization focused on Library innovation. It provides a unique online book browsing tool to help you choose your next read.

Whichbook helps you figure out what kind of books are appealing to you. It doesn’t ask about your favorite authors or titles. Instead it asks you to determine what aspects of the story make you love a book.

For example, do you want a book to be funny or sad? Gentle or violent? Easy or demanding? Optimistic or bleak? Expected or unpredictable? These aspects and others are presented as ranges, rather than simply extremes. You can set the tool to find books that are somewhat funny, somewhat gentle, and somewhat unpredictable. It really makes you think about your taste in reading material.

You can also explore books based on different types of plots, characters, and settings.

Whichbook gets our seal of approval!

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